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Try Softer With Trauma Informed EMDR Therapist @aundikolber

In this episode, Trauma Informed EMDR therapist, Aundi Kolber joins Jessi to share what it means to try softer in a world that tells us to keep going, keep hustling and keep pretending we’re fine. Aundi shares tangible tools to practice self compassion and feel more grounded in our everyday lives. 

In this episode:

  • How Aundi got into this line of work
  • The difference between talk therapy and what Aundi likes to use both personally and professionally to heal
  • Aundi shares what EMDR is: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing 
  • How trauma can get stuck in our nervous system and how to reprocess it so your body and brain can reintegrate 
  • How a trauma response can sometimes look like over accommodating for other people
  • Aundi shares what ‘try softer’ truly means and how it came to be
  • Aundi shares basic neurobiology about our body
  • What happens to our prefrontal cortex when we’re in our window of tolerance
  • The practice of learning to be at home within your body
  • Aundi explains what little ‘t’ trauma or interpersonal trauma is and what BIG ‘T’ trauma is
  • How some of our behaviors that we might not like have served a purpose in the past
  • Aundi opens up about her own struggles with disordered eating and where it came from
  • How we go into fight, flight or freeze mode if something is beyond our capacity 
  • Aundi shares how important curiosity + compassion is in healing
  • The “I am aware” tool that Aundi uses with her clients
  • A self compassion practice that Aundi uses
  • How to bring self compassion and non judgment into your awareness
  • Using our emotions as information rather than sinking into guilt and shame




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Rise with Me was founded in 2017. Our desire is to help purpose-driven women struggling with food + body image challenges find freedom.

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We exist to equip women with the tools, connection, + healing needed to overcome food & body image struggles so they can live in complete freedom.

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